Water Damage is Ruining Your Fence Posts Right Now

Water Damage is Ruining Your Fence Posts Right Now

Posted by Post Cap Depot on 18th Jun 2016

See any similarities?


Go ahead and blame whoever invented wood for not making it impervious to water, but unfortunately your fence won't last forever [unless maybe climate change decides not to take its time hahaha *unsettling elbow nudge*]. THE POINT IS you're going to get rain and your fence posts are going to soak it up without some sort of protection covering the tops.

Most wood fence post caps are glued together

or held at the corners with staples. Protective coverings for posts are most effective when made from a single piece of material because water and rain cascades off of them naturally without seeping into the corners of the wood or metal. Water running down the sides of the post absorbs into the grain at a much slower rate, and it only soaks into the outer most surface of the post. But if a post cap is poorly constructed and allows water onto the top of the post it will freely soak all the way through the wood and break it down much faster. 10 times faster. Than if the post was covered with a Miterless wood post cap™ or one-piece copper post cap.

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