Ultimate Protection with Miterless Post Caps™

Ultimate Protection with Miterless Post Caps™

Posted by Post Cap Depot on 21st Jul 2016



miterless wood post cap with steel pyramid miterless wood fence post cap 

These wood post caps will last a lifetime safe from rain damage all because of one thing:

Miterless Construction

One piece of wood forms the base of all our post caps. Not staples or glue. No broken corners. No rotten post. No wasted money. No extra work.

miterless wood fence post cap bottom

Miterless Post Caps™, versus others with joints at the corners, undoubtedly prolong the life of your deck and fence posts. Less water gets underneath the cap and into the top of your post making our Miterless products a necessity for any yard or home accessory that needs to withstand the elements for years to come.

winter snowy wood pyramid fence post top protected from water damage

Attention Fence and Deck Manufacturers

OFFER LIFETIME SATISFACTION to your customers, guaranteeing their wood or copper post caps will never split at the corners. Competitors will be including cheap post caps that break apart and become worthless after a year or two with their fence installations, while you can provide lasting protection to families and business owners who want to extend the life of their investments.

Copper fence post caps have the same advantages as our wood products while offering a more sleek and eye-catching design. Copper post tops naturally add visual appeal to any home or yard accessory, whether it's a fence, deck, pergola, arbor, lattice or gate. Stainless steel fence tops do the same thing, and along with our excellent customer service, Post Cap Depot post caps just can't be beat!