Post Caps vs. Trans Am in the yard

Post Caps vs. Trans Am in the yard

Posted by Post Cap Depot on 17th May 2016


We've all driven by a house and seen a car like this parked in the yard. The abandoned yard car puts out a very distinct vibe to all passersby, which can be a good thing! But it can also work against you. Post Cap Depot copper and  wood post caps save you money and make you look more put together than the bozo with the broke down Trans Am in his front yard. Or wait no he's pretty cool I think. He says he's fixing that ride up for his mom so she can pick up her own mail from the postal annex and also so she doesn't spend an hour walking home from the grocery store in her super thin old lady shoes. Frankly I'm not sure she can handle the horsepower but I'm staying out of it. Buy post caps or be the Trans Am guy, those are your options.

The fence post on the right is in rough shape. Obviously it doesn't have much life left in it. Weather and time have eroded the post from the top down, shortening its life by years. A one piece  copper post cap would have kept it protected and in tact, all while making it look great. Homeowners are always looking for cheap and easy ways to save money and improve their property, which is why Post Cap Depot will continue to bring you the highest quality wood and metal post caps and yard accessories at the most affordable prices.

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